Upon arriving at The Congress Theater located in Chicago’s Logan Square, the energy permeating off the crowd was already apparent. Frequent roars of excitement belted from concert goers waiting in a line that wrapped around the building.

Vibesquad started the night fantastically. He had an exuberant stage presence behind his small table overflowing with glowing instruments. The crowd really seemed to enjoy his music, but it was plain to see that they were eagerly awaiting the start of the main event.

Shortly before Bassnectar took the stage the venue really started to fill out. The rising anticipation rippling through the crowd as they fidgeted, waiting with angst for the artist they came to see, burst into a shining sea of colliding bodies complemented with glowing colors. Bassnectar. Killed it. His stage setup was amazingly designed with seemingly no expenses spared. The stage was so large in fact that trying to get a picture from the photo pit was impossible. The mood: euphoric, bass dropping so low you could feel it vibrating in your chest. Bassnectar without a doubt gave his loyal fans the show they were looking for, and an evening that would not soon be forgotten.

-Written and photographed by Ryan Zeller.