rick ross health seizures

Rick Ross’ health might be a bigger issue than is being reported. According to Houston Press writer, Marco Torres, last Saturday, Rick Ross did not perform at Houston’s Bayou Music Center because of a “medical emergency.” The crowd was suspicious of Ross’ “medical emergency” (as you’ll see below), but Torres claims a “trusted source” confirmed the incident to him.

Two days later Ross canceled another performance in Guyana reportedly because of seizures. But Allhiphop suggests that Ross didn’t cancel his Guyana performance for health reason, but money. The site’s sources claim that Ross was never paid, and the promoters tried to save face by lying.

No official statement from Ross’s camp has been made, but if you remember last fall Ross had seizures  on an airplane flight. At this moment, all we know is that Ross is till tweeting and wished everyone “Happy Easter” the day before he reportedly had a second set of seizures..