Half of Miike Snow’s North American tour is already sold out. Most dates sold out before their new album, Happy To You, was even released. Of current touring indie bands only Bon Iver, The Black Keys, and Radiohead are arguably more in demand. Not bad for a band that basically threw together their first project without any second guessing.  Their unanimous debut singles, “Animal” and “Sylvia” were praised for blending genres of Euro dance with indie sensibilities. Given the success Miike Snow returned to the studio this time meticulously crafting their second album. The result: a darker, sonically lush, and complexer album.

But like any rising star attention brings criticism. Some critics wanted growth from their genre blending, while others expected more from vocalist Andrew Wyatt. While the album lacks a standout single, it flows cohesively and seems like an artistic step forward.  With “God Help This Divorce” and “Black Tin Box” the previously subdued noir context of Miike Snow is brought front center sounding like a post-breakup cocktail of drugged sorrow. But who care what other people think.

Tell us what you think of the new album. Better yet, tell us how it sounds live at tomorrow’s show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. We’ll be conducting a  contest to win a pair of tickets through our:

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We’ll randomly select and announce a winner at 5pm PST today. And if you don’t win, don’t worry you can catch Miike Snow’s performance from Coachella streamed live here or download his album.