The cats out of the bag thanks to Warren G. Yesterday, in what seems to be a publicity slip, Warren G announced on his official site, “Dr. Dre will perform at the 2012 edition of the annual Indie festival ‘Coachella’ in the desert. The good doctor will perform with all times friends Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Warren G & Eminem.” In a separate post (which was deleted) he added, “Kendrick Lamar will also be here to perform their new single ‘The Recipe.’ Y’all ready to feel the wrath of the Aftermath ? Let’s gooo!!”

According to, his publicist denied the validity of the statement–but come’on who’s he kidding this is Coachella!┬áSo let’s tally up the names that will be onstage: 1) Dr. Dre 2) Snoop Dogg 3) Eminem 4) Wiz Khalifa (accordingly to Rolling Stone) 5) Daz Dilligner 6) Kendrick Lamar 7) Warren G. That equals a whole lot of wow.

You already know what to expect from Wiz, Snoop, Em and Dre–but if you haven’t heard of the young Kendrick Lamar, take a look at these photos and review to get a taste of the “King of The West Coast.” Below is Lamar’s track for “ADHD.”