The six year wait ended today when Cut Chemist released, “Outro (Revisited)” ft. Blackbird. For old fans of the Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli dj, the track is a jarring shift from his funky sampling towards an industrial, prog rock that sounds more punk than hip hop. But that’s exactly what Cut Chemist wanted. The hard to sit still track pulsates with guitar-sawing, rasp scratching and edgy rapping serving as a reminder of Cut Chemist’s recent experience in jail. He explained to Rolling Stone, “”I had a strong urge to run so I made a song that made me feel like I was being chased.” His new album, Die Cut, was released today.

Bay Area folks can catch him at his only scheduled North American performance at I Love This City festival on May 25th. See the full lineup for I Love This City.