Once you’re in the limelight you’re the subject of praise, criticism, and errors. Ask any band and they’ll surely tell you “Oh man, this one time a writer thought I…” And while we try our best to research as thoroughly as possible, occasionally (it happened only once, we swear), a detail slips through the crack. It’s true. In light of this, we thought before indie folksters Bowerbirds took the stage at The Independent tonight (we’ve got tickets) to tell us a few of the humorous misconceptions they’ve run into over the years.  Here’s their response:

1. That the whole band lives in the AirStream trailer and is in a polyamorous relationship together. (This was actually written in a Dutch paper.  Phil and Beth co-habitate in an old house near the cabin they are building.  The other band members live separately.)
2. That we moved to the woods to write our latest album. (Been writing albums in various cabins in the countryside or woods since 2004.  Been living on our land and building a cabin in the NC woods since January 2007.)
3. That we are vegetarian.  (Recently ate a roadkill squirrel we found up the street from our house.)
4. That our foray into more soundscapey, experimental sounds is a recent development.  (Bowerbirds’ first album, with its stripped-down sound, was actually a reaction against the very expansive sonic palette of Phil and Mark’s previous experimental post-rock band, Ticonderoga.  Bowerbirds started as a way to bring it all in and make a spare-sounding album, focused on the songwriting and lyrics, but after two records, we were just tired of limiting ourselves.)
5.  We are cousins with Andrew Bird.  (We are completely unrelated to him and are not cousins.)

I was surprised they’re not vegetarian (aren’t most indie rock bands vegan?). Don’t forget, you should check them out tonight (and we’ve made the process easy for you).

Make sure to take a listen to their KEXP session below for their song, “Tuck The Darkness In.”