Flight Facilities photos

Last Thursday night, Australian DJ duo Flight Facilities rocked the Rickshaw Stop with their San Francisco debut. Filled with a mixed crowd, this 18+ up event completely sold out. The group was surprisingly showy for a DJ group. The Deadmau5-es of the world use staging to help up the ante of their performance, but Captain Earnest Bon-Huffington along with Esquire Winston Humphries III (or “Hugo” and “Jimmy,” if you believe various reports) quickly broke out some aviation themed jackets and hats to help set the tone. The intimate Rickshaw Stop was a great place for San Francisco to get a first taste of the innately charismatic duo that is Flight Facilities. So intimate that several fans made their way up to the stage and tried to dance with the Aussie maestros–not that it slowed them down a beat.

The duo has released two singles and were joined onstage by Jess Higgs to perform their most recent of the two, “Foreign Language.” The best word to describe their sound is simple: fun. They are two music lovers playing around and weaving between their two turntables with a familiarity born from years of collaboration.

A big thanks to PopScene for bringing them out to SF for our second encounter with them (we were stageside for their excellent SXSW performance as well.)

-Review and photographs by Julie Logan