So what do you if you’re Goldenvoice, you organize the most popular North American music festival (Coachella), and the town neighboring your festival, La Quinta, wants you out: you buy up nearby land. Today it was announced that Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of the concert production company AEG Live, purchased 280 acres of land in Indio, including a polo club, a farm, and more. While the details are undisclosed, the land is apparently close to Coachella’s current grounds.  Now, when the current contract is up, Goldenvoice can either expand the festival or move to its new (owned) location.

The purchase is likely in response to last fall’s run-in with La Quinta. The city’s council members tried to set up road blocks for the festival demanding an environmental impact of the festival, after claiming that “80 percent” of all crime incidents in the area happened during Coachella (source). Already one of the larger festivals, bringing in 60,000-75,000 people each year, attendance will likely double this year after adding an additional weekend.

This year’s lineup includes headliners Radiohead, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, and The Black Keys. In an interview with Goldenvoice’s president, Paul Tollet stated that the deal would “help us put in some infrastructure so we don’t have to keep coming back and doing the same things each year.” In other words, La Quinta, get used to the festival that brings in $35 million in revenue–it’s not going anywhere.