Rancid and Wallpaper are completely different artists, but they share two things in common. One, both perform this weekend in the Bay Area and we’ve got tickets on our app. Two, both bands’ names have been mistaken countlessly for things other than the band. Just yesterday, I went to see Wallpaper and my mother asked me if it was floral pattern or striped. Or I’m sure you’ve told your girlfriend you were wearing a Rancid T-shirt–and she immediately asked you to go home and change.

That’s right–both bands’ name can be PUNNED! Here’s our 5 puns about Wallpaper and Rancid you should never make:

1. What doesn’t go bad, year after year, and remains the same? Rancid.

2. If you drink a random beer at a show, who cares if it’s Rancid?

3. Behind every great man is a great woman. Behind Wallpaper are white walls.

4.  I got STUPiDFACEDD from paint chips I got with Wallpaper.

5.  The Wallpaper is not Rancid, it’s just a Green Day.

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