Emancipator will perform with Shigeto at Yoshi's on 3/23.

Beatmaking as a self-contained genre has come a long way from its origins as an open-ended counterpoint to more “standard” hip hop’s driven machismo (a tipping point fully realized by, say, a Daedelus or an RJD2). It’s now evolved into a genre unto its own–an independent state that seceded from its oppressor to create its own more ideal nation.

But enough time has passed since that claim was staked, and that corner of the music world has formed its own set of well-worn tropes and that any producer worth his/her salt makes a concerted effort to evolve away from. The pair of artists coming to Yoshi’s SF–Emancipator and Shigeto–are two such producers, continuing skeptics in the semi-new nation of instrumental hip hop. Emancipator’s floaty trip-hop beats often feel calm and pristine, skewing the musical outlook toward beauty and organic sound, instead of the tension or aggression often needed to sustain interest in a 3+ minute instrumental. And Shigeto’s productions are punctuated by freejazz interjections, frank homages to his Japanese lineage, and other surprises — all of which make him liable to spend more time in concert playing a fluid set with traditional instruments than he does laying down the actual framework of the beat itself. (We saw Shigeto play the Rickshaw Stop last October, and we’re not convinced he didn’t outshine both other headliners – Star Slinger and Mux Mool).

The duo will be at Yoshi’s in San Francisco tomorrow night (3/23), and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away through our app. Just grab the app and navigate to the Exclusive offers pane, where you’ll find the button to enter the contest. Tomorrow morning, we’ll pick a winner and hook you up with a pair of tickets to see two of the freshest minds in the beatmaking world right now.

Good luck, and follow us on Twitter for the scoop on more announcements and offers like this one. See you there!