After listening to the womping bass, I’d say Purity Ring should aim for a bid to steal Bass Drums of Death’s name. During their performance the bass frequency rattled the metal roof of the warehouse that housed MWTX, as though a tornado was approaching. At times bridging hip hop rhythms (drawing comparisons to jj), Purity Ring also has elements of avant-rock similar to Fever Ray. Sharp synth notes were magnified over the bombarding bass, masking vocalist Megan James’ soft and sheepish voice. James’ singing was almost intelligible, serving more as complimentary instrument most notably on the song “Ungirthed.”

Like many electronic duo groups, the performance was a little dull, with the exception of Corrin Roddick’s playing a “paper lights” (literally) drum kit that brightened after being hit by a drumstick . The group, whose popularity has grown despite the fact they’ve only released three singles to date, performed five new tracks during their set. As they wait for a label deal, and full LP release, it’s clear they are one of the more promising new acts to come out of SXSW.