Neon Indian took plenty of time to sound check, which ultimately forced the last band, Star Slinger, to cancel. Not cool if you ask me. However, I’m probably in the minority since the group packed the HypeM Hotel tighter than any band during the week of showcases with the exception of Miike Snow. (Yes, I spent my entire week at the HypeM Hotel).

As Neon Indian’s set got under way, the crowd packed tightly towards the stage. Clearly,  the group’s two singles “Deadbeat Summer” and “Polish Girl” were the driving force behind the excitement as  the crowd danced crazily when the tracks cued. Drawn out synths washed in reverb swept over Alan Palamo’s vocals as each verse crashed like waves of dreamy sounds. The two singles were so much more noticeably engaging than the rest of the set that my friend yelled into my ear, “The crowd clearly only knows two tracks.” So it is.