Continuing our SXSW 2012 Day 2 coverage…

Shlohmo, 3 AM –> Hype Machine Hotel

As the night came to a close at Hype Machine’s unofficial party– which turned a warehouse into a slice of Hipsterville– Shlohmo took the stage with a simple DJ setup and an equally simple plain, oversized grey T-shirt whose length was questionably proximate to that of a dress. People had left their perches at the open bar to supplement their heavy drinking with some music. I always thought Shlohmo was an Orthodox Jew, but I quickly realized the story behind his name: slow mo(tion). This was the moombahton side of Low End Theory, as far as I was concerned, and as close a feeling of being on promethazine as I care to venture. Jokes aside, this is some legit music– and 3 AM was a perfectly placed time slot for this L.A. native.

Review by DJ, photos by Ben.