Continuing our SXSW 2012 Day 2 coverage…

The Madison, 1 AM –> Flight Facilities

Playing to a more college-age crowd, duo Flight Facilities spun a hour plus set at a chic– but surprisingly unpretentious– venue on 5th Street. I was disappointed by the thin turnout: I expected the popularity of the group’s single “Crave You” to pull more of a crowd away from other showcases. Despite the lower turnout, Flight Facilities took the stage with a charm unique to these two Aussies. We didn’t stay to bask in their best originals, but their set was seriously groovy. It skirted a line between disco and trance– blending repetitive breaks while keeping it infectious danceability. The live experience was heightened by the ridiculous costumes donned by the pair: a stylish bomber jacket and old-school leather pilot headpiece and goggles for one of them and a more modern-looking airplane captain outfit for the other. The combination of new and old school in their manner of dress mirrored the confluence of disco’s illustrious past and the bourgeoning (or dying, I’m not quite sure) world of remixes.

Review by DJ, photos by Ben