Bar 96, 11:30 PM –> Alberta Cross

As we stepped up into the quaint and Southern styled Bar 96, a sweeping old-fashioned wrap around porch and dim, warm lighting greeted us. The saloon-like front bar led into an expansive backyard in full use and milling with young well-to-do’s (although they were by no means the only age group present). Strategically placed facing the main drag, which was somewhat removed from this Rainey St. location, was a stage– just big enough to cram the four pieced band– which had been erected under a white tent and mood lights. Alberta Cross was on stage, fine tuning their soundcheck. Once settled, a twangy, reverb-dripping electric guitar opened a flowing 25-set which oscillated between mangrove-thick guitar layering and the combination of bluesy chord progressions on the keyboard. “Lay Down,” the third song of the set, was the highlight: Petter Stakee’s falsetto was sharp and in focus and the instrumentals offered a backdrop for the precariously high-pitched range emitted by Stakee. A cover of the1 1971 song Rolling Stone’s “Bitch” and a shoe-gazey rock number with distorted guitar and heavy drums closed out the set.

Review by DJ, photos by Ben