Listening to Korallreven is like drowning in a river of light and magic – you’ll get swept up in the current, but the whole sensation is so pretty that it’s impossible to care. These Swedes create liquefied dream-pop with tragedy swimming just below the surface, which translates to an engrossing live show marked by majesty and sonic maximalism.

Our friends at Yours Truly are sponsoring the show at the Independent in San Francisco, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to hand off to one lucky app user who can carve out some time to have their mind blown tomorrow night. Simply download the app and enter the contest by finding the offer in the Exclusives pane. We’ll be waiting for you – the deal will flip off tonight at midnight, and we’ll email our winner tomorrow with the good word. (This is alongside some other rad offers we’ve got hooked up today.)

Good luck! And let’s get in the spirit early: check out the video for Korallreven’s “The Truest Faith” below.