Coachella Sideshows

Dear Coachella attendees: Goldenvoice loves you, but they’ve been seeing other venues.

To supplement the new two-weekend festival format this year–which effectively ties artists to the LA area for a week–the Coachella promoter has scheduled a beefy lineup of sideshows in the vicinity between April 11th-23rd. The likes of M83, Bon Iver, Jeff Magnum, The Arctic Monkeys, A$AP Rocky, Justice, Explosions in the Sky, and Neon Indian will pick up sets at more traditional LA venues (you know, the kind that features four walls and air conditioning).

Whether you didn’t grab Coachella passes in time, or they just priced you out of the market, this will provide fans with another opportunity to get into concerts with Coachella headliners on the cheap(er). Tickets will go on sale over the next three Fridays – March 9th or 16th, with some on the 23rd and a few still TBD. Be sure to save the poster above for a handy color-coded reference, and leave your plastic out on the desk to snatch up these tickets when they go on sale. (You can bet Coachella passholders will be looking to double up on their favorites–most of these shows will sell out in a hurry.)

On a similar note, check out our Fauxchella 2012 page, where we list all the Coachella acts taking Bay Area detours in the weeks surrounding the festival.