Karen O - Stop the Virgens

Karen O is one bad chick. Over the past decade, while she was plotting and fulfilling her domination of the international art rock scene as leader of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – establishing herself as a fashion icon and leaving a generation of empowered young women in her wake – she had this other thing going on. It’s called “Stop the Virgens,” and it started seven years ago as a collection of work which quickly outgrew the scope of the traditional album format. When the project finally made its debut – at last year’s Creators Project in New York – it emerged as a marriage of rock music, opera, and video / multimedia spectacle rolled into one.

As her YYY’s band mate Nick Zinner said, “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard. It’s going to blow people’s minds.”

We’re getting ourselves greased up for the Creators Project in San Francisco this month at Fort Mason, so we were stoked to learn of a 15-minute documentary on the making of Karen O’s genre-busting project, which premiered at Creators Project NY. The film documents the material’s progression from album almost a decade ago to the uniquely chaotic and introspective experience it’s become. Hit the link to the Creators Project website to watch the documentary on Karen O’s “Stop the Virgens” psycho-opera, and let us know if you’ll be making it to the SF edition on March 17th-18th, 2012, for more cross-discipline installations and performances like this one.