Photo credit: Don Albonico

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing is better than a stiff drink and some self-loathing rock to cope with a cold rainy night. Sure, cozying up to a fireplace is nice–but this is San Francisco and fireplaces are as common (and as dirty and neglected) as swimming pools. If you can relate, then let us suggest tonight’s offer with Kill Moi at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Lead singer Ryan Lambert’s chops are comparable to Neil Diamond; but, where the latter sings with a subdued country pace, Lambert passionately belts out over the group’s horn section, and alt-rock guitars that veer closer to┬áCake. (Tip: show up early for solid openers in Fake Your Own Death and Excuses for Skipping.)

We’ve got a special bundle on our app: for $11, grab a drink on us, a private booth at Brick & Mortar, and cuddle up with Kill Moi — cause baby, it’s cold outside.