Glass Candy will perform at Mezzanine SF tonight.

Tonight on the Noise Pop docket, we’re on our way to the Mezzanine in SF to get down to the syrupy electronic disco stylings of Glass Candy. The Portland, OR duo run counter to the trends of most dance music today, with hooks and pounding kick drums that pay more homage to early gangster rap than the four-to-the-floor floating out of harder electronic dance parties. What that means: more space for Ida No’s sexy, sometimes disaffected vocals to steer Glass Candy’s songs into mysterious territories. We are greased up and ready to dance ourselves into a trance.

Popscene’s putting on the party, and Thrillcall is incredibly proud to be sponsoring the show – and filling the Mezzanine’s VIP balcony! Through a limited offer on our app, you’ll be invited to join us at the show in our VIP section, where free Trumer will be flowing – just for us.

A $19 ticket to Glass Candy gets you:

  • entry to the show
  • free Trumer Pilsner (until it runs dry)
  • access to the Mezzanine’s private VIP balcony – a space reserved exclusively for Thrillcall appholders tomorrow night.

Insider tip: take advantage of our early bird sharing features and you’ll be almost guaranteed access for your group of friends, because who likes to party alone?  When you spread the word through social media and refer friends with your referral code, both you and your friends will get first dibs when the offer becomes available.


Also in our crosshairs over the next two days:

19-year-old wunderkind Porter Robinson plays at the Fox Theater tomorrow, with the Thrillcall-approved M-Machine opening. We’ve got a special small block of tickets at $25 on the app.

A few lucky folks have snagged tickets to the sold-out Wye Oak, which we’ve been dropping like a trail of gold coins all week. The pot of tickets at the end of that rainbow will show up in the app today.

And as we close out Noise Pop, keep your ears perked and your thumbs ready for our Atlas Sound package, which will go down in the same spirit as this Glass Candy promo – but on a whole other level.

See you at the show!