The Flaming Lips, a band who needs no introduction, played an unforgettable set at Bimbo’s 365 last night as headliners for the 2012 San Francisco Noise Pop Festival. Performing their 1999 breakthrough album, The Soft Bulletin, the group paid enormous homage to the city, its people, and culture of free will. Proclaiming at one moment in time, “Now we’re from Oklahoma, but people often think we grew up here in San Francisco. In a lot of ways I think this is where we belong. Here with the freaks, and the weirdos, and the lovers.”

Packing the venue with a capacity of only around 500, those lucky enough to be in attendance witnessed a mesmerizing performance by frontman Wayne Coyne, and his beloved bandmates. The Soft Bulletin is well-known to be the group’s first entry into their distinct sound of experimental-pop that incorporates the use of catchy melodies and crashing percussion, backed by electro-fuzz and clever lyricism.

The group will play one more US show in Tulsa, before they head South to Costa Rica to begin their small international tour, beginning March 24th. Catch the plethora of live shows and and artist performances throughout the rest of the week, as the 20th Annual Noise Pop festival rolls along.

Watch “Race For The Prize” the first single off The Flaming Lip’s The Soft Bulletin.