Last Friday night, Brick and Mortar Music Hall lined up three fantastic and very handsome bands. The opening bands, Hotel Eden and The Hundred Days, are both from San Francisco. How I’ve never heard of them until that night amazes me. Hotel Eden, lead by multi-instrumentalist Kelly Warren, was backed by drummer Sam Romo, bassist John Nash and guitarist Louis Chinn. Warren has a pop aesthetic, though I’ve heard the group compared to Radiohead. On their album, Highlights From A Cold and Desperate Song, you can definitely hear Kid A’s influence. What really turned me on was his use of a single turntable to mix and scratch his own sound.

Following Hotel Eden was The Hundred Days. I love when a band asks, “How are you all doing tonight?!” and the crowd answers with “WOOOOOOO!!” or in lament terms, “I had a long day now stop asking me questions so I can dance.” Once The Hundred Days started, it was obvious that the majority of the crowd, made up of girls, were looking to dance and find some love with the honey next to them. The group promised to bring the heat, but I didn’t start sweating until they proclaimed they wanted to “Sex U,” the first single off their album Really?.

And then it was time for Saint Motel. Saint Motel fans are loyal (I had already seen them once at The Roxy), I met a handful of people that had seen these guys several other times. Midway through the set, Saint Motels covered of Del Shannon’s “My Little Runaway” and dare I say, it was better than the original.

I do want to mention how wonderfully Brick and Mortar showcases artists that play on their stage. Anywhere you stand has a good view. I cant wait to go back.

-Written by Sheida Mohammad

Watch “Puzzle Pieces” by Saint Motel below.