Cheyenne Marie Mize performs "It Lingers" and "Wishing Well" on Laundromatinee

Can you keep a secret? Our whole office is in love with Cheyenne Marie Mize. Though I guess it’s not a secret if we send each other love letters on Twitter, now is it? It all started when Listen Before You Buy and We Listen For You tipped off David with the promise that Mize was, very early on in her career, very much the real thing. She got into our cofounder’s ears and from there it spread like…well, great music, which at times moves faster than wildfire.

So we were delighted to unearth this performance (that we very nearly missed!) – a few weeks deep in Laundromatinee’s archives. Watch Mize and company perform intimate versions of “It Lingers” and “Wishing Well,” both from her latest EP, We Don’t Need.

And catch Mize at her SXSW this year, where – not at all coincidentally – we’ll be throwing a few parties ourselves.

Cheyenne Marie Mize – “It Lingers”

Cheyenne Marie Mize – “Wishing Well”