shabazz palace

On 2/2/12, Shabazz Palaces and Siddhartha visited Yoshi’s in San Francisco for a special private-seated event at the famed jazz club.

San Francisco’s Siddhartha opened up the show at Yoshi’s. The man behind the thick facial hair and his 4-piece band opened with some undeniably funky jams. Siddhartha gave proper direction to his backing band that was riding his trail, and the bassist got so low he was floating off the vibrations of his instrument. True magic – I heard the person next to me say, “that’s funk man!” By the time the set came to an end, the crowd was swept up in complete admiration.


Seattle duo Shabazz Palaces set up quick. One half of Shabazz, Ishmael Butler, started up his drum machine – and that’s when the first cloud of smoke appeared. Ishmael (aka Palaceer Lazaro) and Tendai Maraie were quick with their hands, and they had choreographed moves to go with the music. At one point, Shabazz were joined on stage by female rap soul duo THEESatisfaction, who appear on a few tracks from the 2011 LP Black Up – to the delight of the dedicated fan base in attendance at Yoshi’s. Shabazz is definitely bringing forth a new wave of hip hop – their production is reminiscent of the LA beat scene (Nosaj Thing, Tokimonsta et al) and the lyrical delivery turns the music into an unparalleled experience.

-Written by Sheida Mohammad