We’re thrilled to announce our mobile app; your one-touch connection to a great night of live music.

Whether you decide spontaneously or plan in advance to see a hot new band, our app can land you tickets to sold-out shows, grab you back stage passes, and help you score VIP access.

The app is unique in that it brings you localized “flash” offers of exclusive ticket packages. We handpick the best live music and compile it into up-to-the-minute, accurate music listings for your city. With the app’s built-in map you can see the exact location of scheduled live shows throughout your city, and once you select your desired show you can click through price and ticket options and complete your purchase.

We’ve done our best to make live music as accessible, enjoyable, and share-able as possible. Along those lines, the app can send you daily flash offers, taking the planning out of the equation. And, you can share the offers you receive with your friends, extending the deal and the fun.

Check out the video to see more about how to maximize the app’s benefits; then go ahead and give it a test-drive. We guarantee if you’re a live music lover, you’ll find the access and the perks a bit hard to resist.

Let us know what bands you decide to see and how the mobile app works for you!