Tony Bennett will sing "I Left My Heart In San Francicso" under the dome of city hall this Valentine's Day.

Tony Bennett’s iconic “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” enjoyed its 50th anniversary last week, and in that half-century, it has established itself as our beloved city’s de facto theme song. Whether you hear floating out of AT&T Park at the end of every Giants game, or cropping up next to The Clash on a dive bar’s schizophrenic jukebox, you can’t go more than a few months without running into Bennett’s milky croon (and the paralytic nostalgia it inevitably triggers) on the public airwaves.

But never has it been so omnipresent as it will be on Valentine’s Day next Tuesday, February 14th, when Bennett will perform the song under the dome at San Francisco’s City Hall. If you can’t make it, don’t worry! Every single radio station in the city will broadcast the song concurrently at noon, and the intercoms in city parks and plazas will switch on to pour Bennett’s voice into the open San Francisco air. It’ll also be broadcast through the microchip the government planted in your ear right after you fell asleep the night you were born and/or moved to the city. (You knew about the microchip, right?)

Mayor Ed Lee published the news in a press release, pushing the love propaganda praising Bennett’s importance to our city’s culture:

“Thanks to Tony Bennett, people have been experiencing the magic of San Francisco for 50 years no matter where they are in the world,” said Mayor Lee. “The song reminds us of why we love our City so much and when we are away, it calls us home. Mr. Bennett’s signature voice is celebrated around the world, and when he comes back to San Francisco, our hearts will surely be lifted.”

We’ll be on hand to film the event – check back Tuesday afternoon for the recap and a video.