Snowmont Music Festival 2012

The SnowMont Music Festival – Killington, VT’s sister event to the Snowball Fest in Colorado – will share at least one of its headliners, with Snoop Dogg topping SnowMont’s initial lineup announcement for 2012. Also aboard: DatsikKaskade, Chromeo, Slightly Stoopid, Lotus, Ott, Gramatik & Easy Star All Stars.

I couldn’t help but guffaw at the poster promising this to be the last cool thing to happen in any snow anywhere in 2012, but I knew what they were getting at: the March 30th-April 1st date represents the last chance to find yourself at a mad dance party in a winter wonderland this year. And judging by Snowball’s lineup, this tease for SnowMont is only the tip of the iceberg (ha! ha!).

Tickets go on sale February 11th, 2012 at 11AM EST at an early bird price of $125 bucks for a weekend pass. That will jump to $150, $175 and finally $200 for last minute passes in the months leading up to the event – so pick up your tickets early to save as much as 40% over the chumps and stragglers who show up late to the party.

SnowMont’s Youtube channel has some pretty good videos of its announced performers – here’s their feature on Kaskade: