Deadmau5 is giving away 200 tickets to his Grammys performance.

We don’t really have anything to add to the image above, which outlines your chance to win one of 200 tickets to see Deadmau5 perform at the Grammys this Sunday. You’ll need to be between the ages of 18-34 with photo ID in hand, make a 6+ hour commitment to stay and come dressed and prepared to wile out. You’ll want to submit photos of yourself all ‘mau5ed up to prove your dedication and improve your chances of winning.

Are you the chosen one? Email with your name, age, address, and pictures of yourself in Deadmau5 merch and/or at a show and/or anything else that seems topical.

The competition is hosted through his Facebook page, which won’t tell you anything we haven’t already told you here, but I’m sure he’d appreciate your Likes and affection while we’re at it.