From January 24th-26th, we’ll be featuring concert photography from our favorite music blogs as part of our SXSW 2012 Photo Competition. Starting Friday, visit our Facebook page to vote on your favorite submissions – the winner will receive a photo pass to cover SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX.

About The Decibel Tolls:

The Decibel Tolls was started as a fringe music blog by Kenny Bloggins in Chicago, June 2008. It strives to be a resource and community for those in need of unconventional music solutions. The title The Decibel Tolls comes from a poorly conceived pun on an Ernest Hemmingway novel (and also a Metallica song). The site was also a part of Altered Zones, the now-defunct Pitchfork-led collective of blogs which focused on featuring artists on the outskirts of the DIY music scene.


Michael Powell is the sharp-tongued founder of The Decibel Tolls. He proudly flaunts his Twitter as “a weird mix between hard news and humor so bizarre that an anthropologist would have a field day deciphering it.” But don’t get too attached, because his handle will change in short order when he launches Distonal, T.D.T.’s spiritual successor which will allow room for a much broader editorial palette.


These photos come to us from HEALTH’s set at Pitchfork Fest 2011:

Enthusiasts for tympanic destruction and curators of bizarre tweets HEALTH closed down shop at Pitchfork’s Blue Stage on the final night in the most proper fashion – pure unbridled brutality. If you thought Odd Future and/or their audience offered the festival’s most rowdy contingent, your ass profoundly miscalculated. For those who are disinclined to enjoy music of the noisier persuasion, artists like HEALTH provide some insight as to its appeal. Like much of abstract fine art, the magic lies within the process more than the product. The primordial energy and gusto it takes an artist like HEALTH to recreate suffocating and salient tension on stage is nothing short of astounding. That the stage was still standing under the weight of HEALTH’s crushing sonic heaviness is equally astounding.

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