From January 24th-26th, we’ll be featuring concert photography from our favorite music blogs as part of our SXSW 2012 Photo Competition. Starting Friday, visit our Facebook page to vote on your favorite submissions – the winner will receive a photo pass to cover SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX.

About Metrojolt:

Metrojolt is a visually gripping San Francisco based blog. The mostly beat-oriented focus occasionally strays with delightful forays into indie rock, pyschedelic and other fancy-tickling oddities. Don’t miss their archive of fantastic in-depth interviews.


Benjamin Kimo Twichell is a former 8tracks employee and the founder of Metrojolt – which conspicuously lacks an “About” page, so hopefully we’re not exposing him as the mad genius behind the curtain here.


Benjamin photographed Mumford & Sons by the San Francisco Bay, and how better to sum up the beauty of the moment than with a good old nether regions-based analogy:

As I waited for Mumford & Sons some fans in the front row struck up a conversation. One member of their group arrived at 10am that day just to secure them their spot, front row center. A guy from the same group told me to prepare. When I asked for what, he said “Get ready, Mumford & Sons are going to make your testicles explode.” I am happy to say, physically I am still in one piece. In a more metaphorical sense, I think this guy pretty accurately described the feeling of seeing Mumford & Sons play live.

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