SXSW 2012 Photo Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s no secret we’re concert-obsessed. While most sites were pushing out their Top 864 Albums of 2011 Lists, we schemed on a way to bring you our favorite concert photography from the exhilarating shows that went down 2011. But we’re just one outlet, based in one city (SF) – which makes it a little tougher to claim our concert photography as the definitive king of the hill. No, we wanted to include representation of shows from all over the country — and pay homage to some of our favorite music outlets in the process.

Queue the theme song: we get byyy with a little help from our friends…

We asked our friends at some of the music blogs we admire to submit their 3 favorite photos from a show they covered in 2011. To spice things up a little, we’re turning it into a friendly competition and holding up a 2012 SXSW Press Pass as our trophy. It’s up to you – The Reader – to vote for your favorite entry and send one lucky wo/man skipping merrily to Austin, TX, where they’ll cover SXSW 2012 on behalf of both Thrillcall and their blog.

Without further ado…

The Players:

Joshua Melin of Indie Shuffle
Tristan Loper of Owl and Bear
Logan Kedrick of Remix Nation
Laurie Scavo of Buzz Bands LA
Michael Powell of The Decibel Tolls
Sneakshot of The Couch Sessions
Colin Rieser of The NJ Underground
Lydia Simmons of The Sunset In The Rearview
Don Albonico of The Owl Mag
Philip Cosores of Beats Per Minute (formerly One Thirty BPM)
Benjamin Kimo Twichell of Metrojolt
Joan Bowlen of Glide Magazine
Mike Bandow of You Tell Concerts

How It Works:

We asked each entrant to submit three photographs from their favorite concert gallery they posted in 2011. Over the next three days, we’ll feature each submission on our blog (so stick around if you dig pretty pictures – we’ve got tons of ’em). Then, on Friday (January 27th) the polls will open for a short period on our Facebook Page. The entrant with the most votes at the end of the voting period will find themselves one SXSW pass richer.

Like us on Facebook to stay tuned to this contest, and please take a long mosey through the sites above – they’re freaking fantastic. Every last one of them.

The Entries:

We’ve featured all contest entries on our blog this week – take a look:

Beats Per Minute
Buzz Bands LA
Couch Sessions
The Decibel Tolls
Glide Magazine
Indie Shuffle
The NJ Underground
Owl and Bear
Sunset in the Rearview
You Tell Concerts