The After Party joined Allstar Weekend and Hollywood Ending on 1/13/12 to bring a total pop-punk swoonfest to the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. The After Party wooed the crowd by injecting old-school boyband charm into today’s pop sensibilities. These guys are just getting started, telling Popsicle Stand, “our goal isn’t to just become another popular band in the scene, we want to be the BEST band in the scene, that every single girl out there goes crazy for.” The crowd would seem to suggest they’re on their way.

Here’s the first of our two photo galleries from the show, shot by one of Thrillcall’s super-talented camera jockeys, Kasey Jean. Coming up tomorrow: our 27 best shots of Hollywood Ending’s set, so keep your eyes peeled.

The After Party @ Varsity Theater: