Daytrotter Best of 2011

Based out of the unassumingly-named Horseshack recording studio in Rock Island, Il., Daytrotter sees a good chunk of the independent landscape roll through its halls from year to year. Every day, a different touring band makes a detour to the studio to record alternate versions of 4 songs apiece for the now-infamous Daytrotter sessions. As opposed to most sites (us included), Daytrotter is responsible for introducing new artistic output into the wild – so how do you choose between 365 of your favorite children?

Somehow, Daytrotter pulled together their 57 favorite songs from 2011 sessions in a Best of Daytrotter 2011 playlist. Remember, this content exists nowhere else, and the downloads are free for now, but they’re destined for the paid archive at some point. Click the image of their #10-1 picks to grab ’em while they’re hot:

Daytrotter best of 2011 tracks