Wolfgang Gartner 2012 Tour Dates

Wolfgang Gartner rose quickly as one of the most recognizable electronic music producers in 2011 with his debut, Weekend in America. Last week he performed at San Francisco’s Ruby Skye to a packed crowd just days before welcoming the new year. Too many people were out enjoying themselves, and not enough writing, but Metrojolt was sober enough to explain why you won’t want to miss him if you get the chance:

“I knew this dude had dominated 2011 when I first heard Ménage a Trois live at EDC. There is never a dull moment when he plays, and has not lost a bit of the energy he’s had from years past. Gartner is one of the most talented producers in the scene, and has been for some time regardless of what you thought of his album (I loved it). I believe this is because he has an unusually deep understanding of electronic music that translates into polished productions and impeccable DJing, from Illmerica to Shrunken Heads; there is no denying that this guy knows EDM. With this knowledge, he could stand completely still for two hours and still create more energy and get more people dancing than many DJs could ever hope. For this, I salute you Wolfgang Gartner, and I hope to see you continue to push electro boundaries in the coming year.”

We did find a fan’s cell phone recording from the night, which (although it’s not the best directorial debut) captures Wolfgang Gartner’s audio quite well.

Eric Xavier was on hand for photo coverage: