Thrillcall and Noisepop

If you follow us on Twitter you might have seen our recent discussion between Wale and Ryan Schreiber from Pitchfork. After Pitchfork published their dismal (to put it kindly) review of Childish Gambino’s Camp, a slew of critics, including Wale, had a few not so kind things to say. The blogger’s from Pigeons and Planes called Pitchfork “dicks.” Couch Sessions called the review “disrespectful.” Wale went as far as to say Pitchfork couldn’t talk about hip hop “cuz yall not part of it.”

In a guest article we wrote for Bay Area’s Noisepop, we reviewed the criticisms and discussed what it meant to be a music critic. Read the full Thrillcall article on Noisepop here.