Pitchfork Forms Festival 2012 is postponed.

We previously announced Pitchfork’s Forms Festival 2012, a multimedia festival with the mission to “celebrate and explore the interconnected and growing worlds of independent music, art, and gaming.” Pitchfork now announces that the Forms Festival has been postponed indefinitely. However, Pitchfork – in association with Killscreen and Bowery Presents – still have the festival in the works:

As the series took shape these past few months, we found it growing bigger and more complex in very exciting ways. We followed those threads, expanded the vision, and simply ran out of time. Pitchfork, Bowery Presents, and Killscreen have a history of throwing spectacular events and producing great content, and we have decided to give ourselves more time to ensure that FORMS is the best it can be. For now, we plan to take a brief pause and provide more information later.

Aw, peas. Don’t expect this to surface anywhere close to its original February 2012 target date, but we’re hopeful it’ll go down soon enough.