Eminem turned down 6 million dollars to play Big Day Out in Australia.

Eminem turned down a $6 million offer to headline Australia’s Big Day Out festival in 2012, according to organizer Ken West. Six million dollars! That’s about 5x more than I’ll make in my entire lifetime at this rate.

If you’re still recovering from your double take, wondering why on Earth Slim Shady would turn down such a sweet pile of money, then get this: 6 mil wasn’t even the most attractive offer the Land Down Under offered the Detroit rapper in that time frame. Australia’s Dainty Group reportedly lured him away with a $15 million contract for 3 Sydney and Melbourne shows, which reportedly prevented him from playing Big Day Out. This isn’t the first time this year that Big Day Out has dropped headliners.

Says West: “For Eminem walking out with $15million off three shows, means that it was la la land to ever think he could do the Big Day Out, even though we offered $6 million!”

So next time you bust your ass just to find employment in this cutthroat job market, remember the day Em turned down a $100k/minute job because it wasn’t the most lucrative thing on his plate that week. There’s a reason these rappers have a right to boast – he’s playing a different game than us.

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