Nosaj Thing played the Clift Hotel in San Francisco on 12/8. The upscale lounge threw the free concert as part of their Clift Sessions series, and we were onhand for photo coverage (gallery below).

If you’ve never experienced it, DIY sums up the Nosaj Thing live experience nicely:

The most energetic guy here is probably Nosaj, completely locked into the hip hop inspired electronica he creates by unleashing beats, bleeps and bass from the array of gadgets in front of him.

The tracks from his album ‘Drift’ take on a different shape live. I always thought of it as a 5am record to put on after coming home from a club, but played loud and with a more energy, like it is here, it is exactly what you want to hear in the club. Even though ‘Drift’ was released in 2009 it has obviously remained fresh in people’s mind, as tracks such as the Boards of Canadaesque ‘Fog’ get a great reaction.

Nosaj Thing will play the Popgun New Year’s Eve party at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY on December 31st, 2011.

Photographs by Erik Xavier: