Caveman at Brick and Mortar

What a great little venue the Mission has in the Brick and Mortar Music Hall! Right under the freeway entrance on 14th near Mission, this new club evokes a decidedly New York vibe. This according to my recently-from-New York friend who came with me to the show on Sunday night, though I think she exaggerated for the sake of her newfound San Francisco pride. Regardless, the venue is a great San Francisco find. The bar is to the right of the stage, a few comfy booths line the opposite wall (where yours truly staked a resting spot between crowd-wanders), and the rest is open space that can accommodate light dancing to a full on crowd mash towards stage.

The Brooklyn based headliner Caveman pulled an impressive SF crowd, considering this was their first show in our fair city. Brick and Mortar’s moody ambiance fit their rich and complex sound, which spanned shining pop and angry, anthemic rock with equal zeal.

Check out our photo recap below (review and photos courtesy Julie Logan):