Flaming Lips live in concert

The Flaming Lips New Year’s Freakout 5: The Flaming Lips are Freaking Out again. For two nights – 12/31/11 and 1/1/12 – they’ll bring their particular brand of weird partying to the Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City for a 100% Lips-approved New Year’s bash.

Beyond their already-groundbreaking live sets, they’ll bring exclusive merchandise to the affair. The press release promises Gummy Fetuses, Gummy Skulls and a “light illusion toy” called the Strobo Trip – each of which comes with a USB Drive with unique Flaming Lips material. Among that material is “Found a Star on the Ground,” their 6-hour song released in September, and “7 Skies H3,” a 24-hour song they apparently recorded after deciding a mere quarter of a day wasn’t beefy enough for their tastes. That last project came encased in a real, bejeweled human skull (!) at a $5000 price tag, and while those are sold out, it should give you a sense of what to expect from the rest of the merch goodies.

Flaming Lips 24-hour song skull

Packaging for the last Flaming Lips release.

These special pieces of merch are only available at these events and will disappear when 2011 does, which creates extra incentive for Flaming Lips diehards to join the celebration. The event promises “more confetti, more balloons, massive volume, and maximum weirdness,” which we don’t question (see the photo at the top of this post?).

Tickets are on sale at $100 bucks a pop, or a $150 package deal for the Flaming Lips fanatic that wants to go both nights, and promises Oklahoma City the kind of grandiose party usually reserved for the LAs and New Yorks of the world.

What other parties should we keep our eye on? Tell us your year-end plans in the comments.