The Sounds played a concert at The Warfield in San Francisco.

The Sounds rocked The Warfield on Saturday night. Plain and simple. I say rocked, because there is really no other way to describe. it. Admittedly, I’ve listened to very little of the bands full length material, and considering myself a casual listener, I didn’t know quite what to expect of their live show. No doubt I found myself moving my feet, and generally, feeling their message and energy throughout the performance. Maja Ivarsson has something engaging about her. She entered the stage with a burning cigarette in hand, sporting an american flag cut off top, and tiny shorts that most roller derby women would admire. She grabbed hold of the crowd instantly, and wouldn’t let go until she had no other choice.

I likened the music to what I think a Blondie show may have felt in like in the late 70′s: full of tight rhythmic sections, and choppy hi-pitch guitar and synth sounds, with a compelling female singer and all around entertainer. You couldn’t help but have a good time.

Promoting their new full length album Something to Die For, the group played new music, while still playing hits from albums. The group made several homages through verbal thank you’s, and stories of past performances in the city. All while graciously commending the city and what it stood for, by making reference to it’s rich history and diverse culture. With that said, it is likely the group will return to San Francisco at some point. When they do, be sure to try and make it out to see them perform.