M83 at Lincoln Hall

M83 and Active Child was the best show I’ve been to in a very long time. The smallness of Lincoln Hall, and its stage, was really shown as Active Child was ushered through the crowd to a removable stair set in front of the stage because of the cluttered mass of instruments blocking the backstage area. The amount of instruments seemed to constrain Active Child from moving around making their stage presence stiff and somewhat boring to watch. However, they played so flawlessly it was hard not to be in awe as Patrick Grossi, the singer-songwriter behind Active Child. He angelically sang over the perfectly executed notes from the synth, heavy bass, and even harp.

During the setup of M83’s gear you could really feel the excitement in the air as the venue started to fill out. After about 45 minutes of set up, the lights went out, the fog machine went on full blast, and out walked the creature from the cover of M83’s newest album, Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. The stage lights went onto the creature cutting through the fog creating an indescribable atmosphere as the creature gestured the crowd with its arms fully extended. Then it disappeared into the crowd. The band boarded the stage in the same fashion as Active Child being ushered through the venue onto the stage. From start to finish they played incredibly, making the small venue (holding only 507 concert goers) feel like a packed arena. The song list felt like an intense roller coaster of emotions with euphoric highs and blissful lows. Everyone in the venue was completely enthralled watching M83, forgetting about the creature that hid in the shadows.

-Written and photographed by Ryan Zeller