ellie goulding interview

After we interviewed Ellie Goulding, we couldn’t contain our excitement so we shared the news on Twitter. As you may imagine, we weren’t the only ones excited. Daisy Guttridge (@DaisyGuttridge) quickly replied to us wanting to know what Ellie was like. Unfortunately for Daisy and you, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. But you should probably know, Daisy is quite interesting herself. After looking at her profile we were quite surprised. Rather than us tell you about Daisy, we’ll let Daisy do the talking.

My name is Daisy Guttridge.

Ellie Goulding fan

I’m sixteen years old and live in the UK.  Music is a part of my everyday life and in my personal opinion, a day without music is a day wasted. Last year, I decided to create a YouTube channel as I’d become more confident in my guitar technique and singing abilities.  A lot has changed in a year. I’ve got my fist professional gig coming up this Saturday.

Thrillcall (TC): How did you first discover Ellie Goulding?

Daisy Guttridge (DG): I first became aware of Ellie last September and bought her album Lights. I fell in love with her whimsical vocals instantly and as a result of this I decided to go and see her live in November. Ellie’s stage presence was abouslutley enticing and her vocals were awe-inspiring.

TC: What is special about Ellie Goulding for you?

(DG): Most artists today focus more on the fashionable side of their performance and less on the vocals. I love that Ellie manages to obtain a perfect balance of the two. Her dress sense on stage is edgy and adds to the atmosphere of her set, however the true magic of a Goulding show is her electrifying vocal performance. Her voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I also love how Ellie is dedicated to her fan base; she always makes an effort to connect with her fans during a show.

TC: What is your favourite song by her, and why?

(DG): Tough question as I love all of her songs but for different reasons. If I had to narrow it down to two it would be “Animal” and “Guns and Horses.” I love “Animal” as it’s the ultimate dance track. On the other hand I also adore “Guns and Horses” as it sounds beautiful on the guitar and whenever I play it puts me in a good mood.

TC: Why do you choose to cover Ellie Goulding?

DG: I appreciate every genre of music, however I’m really into electronic, folk, indie and pop music, for me Ellie is the ultimate combination of these genres. Throughout most of Ellie’s songs if not all she has a key guitar element in the core of the song, with or without the electronic components in her songs, her guitar chords add to the atmosphere and add a new layer of depth to the tracks. I choose to cover Ellie for this reason, I also think that she is an amazing songwriter and her lyrics are so inspiring and beautiful.

TC: Have you ever met Ellie, and if you did, what would you say to her?

DG: Sadly, I’ve never met Miss Goulding myself, however I hope to one day. When I hopefully meet her I would like to let her know what an impact her music has had on my life and that it brightens my day whenever one of her tracks come on. I’m known to my friends as ‘Goulding-obsessed,’ they even call me Ellie as a joke. I’m starting to convert them all into ‘Goulddigers.’