Katy Perry played at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

Katy Perry played the Madison Square Garden last night, and both she and opener Ellie Goulding took the opportunity to prove themselves as more than just pretty faces (but they’re that, too). We’ll get to all the craziness in a minute, but first things first:

Katy Perry is definitely, possibly, maybe pregnant. Or maybe not. We don’t know exactly how it went down, but tweets from the show seem to indicate that Perry made an onstage reference to her pregnancy, which would confirm what entertainment outlets have aggressively speculated on for weeks now. Recent photos have hinted at a Perry pregnancy, and this perhaps goes one step closer to validating those rumors. (We won’t say it’s true until we know for sure – who was there? Speak up!)

With that aside, we now move on to your regularly scheduled review. It’s clear that Perry knows showmanship and understands how to work her image to the fullest. After falling offstage and laughing it off, Perry worked her kinky girl next door vibes by spraying the audience with whipped cream and candy, dropping some inappropriate jokes and even proclaiming her “taste for gingers” before snatching a redhead out of the audience to make out with her on stage (who, by default, became the luckiest redhead alive).

If you wonder why Katy Perry became so hugely popular, it’s because she’s turned into such a master entertainer. She gives the audience what they want and left most people euphoric on the way out. Oh…and her looks probably have something to do with it, too.

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