Yelle is touring the US in 2011.

Welcome back to Yelle week™ on Thrillcall! Seriously, that’s how it feels around these parts – not that we’re complaining.

Yelle’s tour stops on the West Coast this week, and in addition to giving away tickets and a meet a greet (contest still underway!), we got to chat with the lady herself in advance of her SF show. The always-fashionable Julie Budet has leveraged social media to spread their infectious French pop to an international audience, and now they tour in support of their second album, Safari Disco Club. Read on to find out whether she prefers Kanye or Lady Gaga’s fashion sense, and why she thinks you (yes YOU! (probably)) are a total nerd.


Thrillcall (TC): What “animals” did you spot on your safari across the world? What differences did you notice on how people disco across the globe?

Julie Budet (JB)Ahah, well the good thing to notice is people are all animals, equally animals. More or less shy, but always fun, nice, and full of energy. It’s a common thing in a Yelle show, and we do love it!

TC: In past interviews you’ve referenced a leap in maturity between the time you wrote “Pop Up” and “Safari Disco Club.” Can you think of an example, either personal or in your song writing, that highlights this growth (ie. subject matter / song structure / thought process)?

JB: Maturity is a bit of a boring word, it’s just life. A good example could be « S’éteint le soleil », which is a song about a subject GrandMarnier want to talk about for a long time, way before Pop Up actually. It’s about « when the sun gonna light off ». You know, when you look at the stars and the only thing you can tell yourself is « damn, we are nothing, it’s crazy up there ». And this song wasn’t something easy to write, it just happens, after some « maturity » I guess.

TC: What do you think has helped you make that big crossover leap over the Atlantic that is often hard for many European sensations?

JB: It’s hard to be sure of that, I think people just feel things. The energy, the sincerity… I don’t know. When we meet people there is something so magical, spontaneous love, something you want to share and spread. It sounds cheesy but it’s so true!

TC: What has been the single most beneficial Web 2.0 tool in growing your audience (Myspace / Youtube / Facebook). Why?

JB: Mmm I would say Myspace because it was the first one. Even if it’s dead now. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, are efficient and works together. It’s like a package. Soundcloud too. Saying that I kinda miss Myspace because it was doing all these stuff together. It’s kind of messy now, people who are not nerd don’t really know where to search. So you need a regular website, old school ahah!

TC: Early on in your career, did you experience failures while using social media? What is an example? How did you move forward?

JB: Yes sometimes you share too many things, like when you update your live shows and there are like 17 new feeds… People hate that, me too!


You can find tickets to Yelle’s US tour by visiting us on Thrillcall. Or, if you’re in LA or SF, take a shot at winning a pair.