Odd Future's Left Brain allegedly hit photographer Amy Harris at Voodoo Festival.
photo via Amy Harris

Photographer Amy Harris will press charges against Odd Future‘s Left Brain for allegedly slapping her at Voodoo Fest 2011 last month.

For those who haven’t followed the saga, it goes like this: Harris was in the photographer’s pit for the OFWGKTA set when Left Brain (real name: Vyron Turner) began to berate and throw water on the reporters in the pit. (The crew has a well-documented dislike for these media pits – they claim it prevents their fans from getting close to the stage during performances.)

There are different accounts of what happens next. Harris says Turner reached into the pit and slapped her, knocking her camera to the ground in the process. The Odd Future camp claims otherwise, suggesting Turner merely swiped at equipment in his frustration, with no intention to hurt the photographers in the pit. (The header shot was taken by Harris in the heat of the incident).

The original incident was widely reported, bringing widespread attention to Harris and her claims. After initially leaning toward letting the incident blow over, Harris reconsidered in light of vicious anonymous threats against herself and her family. On Friday she filed charges, and because nothing goes untouched on the Internet, the existence of the police report became public knowledge over the weekend.

Harris has issued this statement on her website regarding her decision to press charges:

“I was very disheartened to learn yesterday that Odd Future is denying that one of its members, Vyron Turner (“Left Brain”), engaged in the violent conduct that so many people witnessed and even photographed or videotaped. After he so publicly attacked me, I truly believed that an apology would be immediately forthcoming, which is why I declined to press charges at that time. The unexpected turn of events, including an attack by Odd Future on my credibility and motives for discussing the incident, have caused me to re-evaluate my initial decision. I’ve contacted an attorney – Amy Borlund with Doll Amir & Eley in Los Angeles – and am pursuing my options. At a minimum, I am seeking a public apology from Vyron Turner. Ultimately, I want a resolution in which Turner is held accountable for his actions.”

We’ll withhold judgment on the incident until the case pans out, but the anonymous reactions are deeply disconcerting. Harris reconsidered the decision to file chargers after an anonymous letter threatened to kill her and rape her family.

The whole incident reflects Odd Future’s troubling indoctrination of their fans, as they continue to believe their particular brand of rebellion absolves them from culpability for their actions. Please, fans – think before your idols lead you off the deep end.

We’ll keep you posted on further updates.