Detroit is protesting Nickelback's appearance at halftime of their Thanksgiving Day game.
Not so fast.

In the past few days, American citizens have taken time away from the Occupy Wall Street movement to fight for a cause that truly matters: preventing Nickelback from playing their scheduled appearance at halftime of the upcoming Detroit Lions / Green Bay Packers game on Thanksgiving Day. When the performance was announced, a Lions fan had the brilliant idea to start a petition on to replace Nickelback with an act that is A) better and B) more representative of Detroit’s local talent. But mostly A.

The petition took off in a hurry, spreading through Reddit and other social news sites, and accumulated upwards of 30,000 signatures in two days. offers you the option of writing a public explanation of your support, which of course inadvertently facilitated a deadly minefield of sarcasm in the comments section. The most supported plea comes in earnest, though, from one Robert Jones:

As a professional music producer/engineer/songwriter and lifelong Lions fan, I am disgusted with the choice of Nickelback as a representation of music and culture in Detroit. Our city is famous for the creation of an entire genre, Motown, very few cities can make this claim. Not to mention very strong hip-hop, dj, and rock and roll scenes.

The thanksgiving game is a privilege, and we are very proud of our 2011 Lions team. Its a chance for Detroit to be on a national stage and show where we truly are at. Show our passion for our team, and show the world Detroit. So…

Nickelback? Is Nickelback Detroit? Does Nickelback have songs that reflect what we do in Detroit? What life is like? Nickelbacks’ music doesn’t even reflect a musical genre that has ever been popular in the city. It is not rock and roll, its a nasty hybrid of the worst manufactured music on the planet.

Lions Administration needs to dig a little deeper to identify who their fans are and select music to reflect that. I don’t personally know anyone that listens to Nickelback, they exemplify much of what is wrong with music. We are a hard working city that has guts, not the nicest city, not the cleanest, but NOT fake. Detroit has some proud people, so pick an act that is real.

I’d be happy to offer suggestions.

Nicely said. We wouldn’t mind if some of that legendary Detroit techno showed up:

No word yet on where this saga will end. sent out a bizarre newsletter this afternoon, speaking about the Nickelback petition in charged terms one would normally expect from important political campaigns. While the movement is gaining the sort of momentum only the Internet could possibly facilitate, Nickelback have plans to release their new album Here and Now on November 21st, and we don’t really expect them to volunteer away their national television time just because 30,000 people on the Internet don’t like them.

Pull out your popcorn – this game just got interesting about three weeks ahead of schedule.