photo via @fiwi

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

That’s @karlstanton up there, violating the the first rule of our Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do At Concerts article (don’t wear a band’s gear to their show), though we’re willing to give him a free pass given Halloween’s tendency to override society’s more standard dress codes. In fact, extra kudos if that marker doesn’t come off and you’ve just made yourself a permanent Ween rain slicker – if you make your own band merch, we admire your dedication.

Among the other HalloWEENing (and yes, I intentionally left out tweets using this pun so I could claim it myself) going on for the show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York:

Turns out @juicybot had some company, as Ween announced themselves as “gay sailors” when they hit the stage. If anyone has a good picture of that, I’m offering a hefty bounty (reward: blog fame! You know you want it!) Tweeterer @the_man_mulcahy hooked us up with this:

Ween dressed as sailors for Halloween

And, as expected, the show killed. Great music meets a marathon performance:

…eclipsing the length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage by juuust a smidge.

Now that we’ve got all the obvious potshots out of the way, my work here is done. See a show you think is rad? Tell us through #TTchatter on Twitter and you may find yourself in an upcoming feature.