Listen to 7 new tracks from Damon Albarn (Blur / Gorillaz) and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) collab, debuted at a live performance in Marseilles, France. The new project has a name too ridiculous to repeat (okay okay, it’s Rocketjuice and the Moon) and a projected album release date of “sometime in 2012.”

Even if album details are still a little murky, these seven videos suggest the material is mostly wrapped up and the press push is coming – happy news for us Stateside folks hoping for a tour in support of the record. Of course, neither Albarn nor Flea is a stranger to musical globetrotting – we’ll have to wait and see if Albarn and Flea find this project legitimate enough to take it overseas.

Fingers crossed.

Listen to their Marseilles set below: