Amon Tobin's Set, via @mike_dory on Instagram

via @mike_dory on Instagram

Twitter, Twitter! Our favorite concerts, haphazardly distilled into 140-character chunks.

Amon Tobin‘s three sold-out shows at the Masonic Temple certainly warrant the “above and beyond” tag. In fact, calling them “shows” doesn’t really do this justice: Tobin’s camp engineered a top to bottom audiovisual installation in support of his Isam album, with a massive cubic structure acting as backdrop for projected visuals and a downright crazy light show. Audience reaction was swell: @mike_dory (who snapped that header shot up there with Instagram) called it “the future of live electronic music,” and while extravagance doesn’t always catch on, we agree the live music world would be much better off if it played into Mike’s prophecies. (Between this and DJ Shadow’s Shadowsphere, maybe they’ll set a trend.)

Twitter reacts to the Amon Tobin show at Masonic Temple

Lest you think the visuals dominated the show, there’s plenty of evidence to prove the music matched the brilliance of the set. @juddgreenstein draws a really interesting comparison between Amon Tobin’s show and Karen O’s “psycho-opera,” made all the more intriguing considering both were in attendance for this year’s Creators Project, where the opera debuted.

Twitter reacts to the Amon Tobin show at the Masonic Temple

Think all this is overexaggeration on the part of starstruck attendees? Let these visuals massage your eyes and then make the call.